Is it a Chilli sauce?

No, our purée is just preserved chillies, so you would add this to your cooking for the heat and flavour, just like adding garlic or ginger. It’s not a whole meal in a jar so don't add the lot to your dish, you'll regret it!


What are your purée's made from?

Our purée's are made from 2 ingredients, Chillies and Vinegar, nothing else is added which makes the taste and heat as close to the fresh chilli as posible.


How much should I use?

Using our mildest purée the Scotch bonnet, we say start with a quarter of a tea-spoon for a Chilli con carne to feed 4 people, this should get you started, if you want more heat then add a little more purée but use sparingly.

Once you get familiar with the heat level you will know exactly how much to add each time you use it, giving a consistent heat every time. If you are using one of the hotter varieties then adjust (reduce) the amount you use, it's all about getting to know each varieties heat and flavour.


why would i use one of your chilli purees?

There are a few reasons we recommend why our purée's are a handy addition to your cupboard:

  1. Saves you the time and effort of chopping a fresh chilli
  2. You won't get chilli on your fingers or anywhere else which can be very painful
  3. The product has a great shelf life
  4. You get to know what the heat level is when you use the product, unlike fresh chillies when you never know how hot each chilli is until you use it
  5. There is no wastage, unlike buying fresh chillies when you always seem to use one or two and bin the rest


When do I add it?

Add at the start if you want a nice even heat through your dish, add at the end if you want it hot and fiery or do both if you love hot food.


How long will it last?

We have been advised to tell consumers "Once open refrigerate and use within 4 weeks", but they did say that this is very conservative. As our purée's are essentially pickled they will last as long as you are confident in using them.


I am coeliac – can I use Bad Boy Chilli purée's?

Although the pickling vinegar we use contains gluten, it is safe for most people with coeliac disease to consume. The pickling vinegar is made from barley which contains gluten, the end product however contains a trace amount of gluten which is well below the level that is safe for most people with coeliac disease.



Trace elements of Barley are in the pickling vinegar we use for our recipe.

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