Image: Troy Suarez

Image: Troy Suarez


our roots

A journey that discovered a passion for chilli and how it all came to fruit.

Chilli has been a part of my life for some time now, it all started in 1994 on an over-land trip through Thailand, Malaysia, across Indonesia and then on to Australia. At the time I had very little knowledge or tollerence of chilli but as I discovered the far east was full of great tastes and flavours. It was virtually impossible to find any food that had no heat to it, this was where I built my tollerence up and discovered what real flavour was about, and how i could no longer live without this great ingredient.

When I returned to the UK I used to go to the markets in London and buy chillies to make my own purée for my cooking, this I repeated annually to stock my cupboard and eventually friends and families too. It was some years later that I decided to try and turn this into a small business as the range of chillies had increased and so had their popularity, the heat levels were breaking new boundaries and access to the chillies was becoming easier with new chilli farms popping up all over the place.

Bad Boy Chilli was founded in 2014 where we now live and work in Lostwithiel, Cornwall. We import our chillies from all over the world and we also work with local farmers to grow chillies for our Cornish own purée (Kernow Gold), People and Gardens (an Eden Project Charity) and recently Cornish Chillies who are new to the scene.

If you are interested in stocking our products please get in touch here for more information.

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