Naga (Ghost) Chilli Purée

Naga (Ghost) Chilli Purée


An awesome tasting Purée handmade using 100% fresh chillies, a great way to instantly add heat and flavour to your favourite cooking dishes

A great adition for anyone who is interested in cooking and local provenance, Bad boy chilli purée is an easy way to add flavour and heat to your cooking, add quarter of a teaspoon (or less) to your dish, start small and add extra if you want that extra heat. Naga or ghost chilli is well known for it great flavour and mouth watering heat, once the hottest chilli on the planet, a favourite with the chilli heads, if you know anyone that boasts of their hardnest to heat this little pot will surely test their taste buds.

Saves you the time and hassle of chopping fresh chillies. The Naga is rated 855.000-1,100.000 SHU and can be used in any cooking.

SERVINGS: You can expect to get at least 15+ meals from each jar.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a chilli Jam it is made from 100% preserved chillies.

MADE FROM: 100% fresh naga chillies and vinegar to preserve, awarded Made in Cornwall status.

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