Habanero Chilli Shake

Habanero chilli shake

A shake on style condiment sauce made from fresh habanero chillies which gives a fantastic vibrant taste and flavour which will get your tongue tingling, recently awarded 1 Gold Star in the Great Taste Awards, a favourite of ours as we literally add it to everything.

Our research showed that a lot of couples enjoy different heat levels when it comes to chilli, we wanted something that was real easy to use so you can control the amount of heat you shake on whether you like it mild, hot or extra hot. Shake well before use to mix up all the little particles of heat and flavour as they can sometimes separate.

A great sauce which is a handy size so you can take it anywhere when you find the the provided condiment just hasn't got that kick. 

Shake in a few drops to instantly add heat and flavour to all your favourite dishes - seafood, meat or chicken or veggie, great for salsa's, marinades and rubs.

Delicious on oysters, great in a bloody mary, vodka shot or cocktail... ENJOY!


Mouth wateringly hot, a wicked habanero taste and you can shake it on everything - a real winner!
— rupert warwick

The super hot shake has arrived!

SH Chilli Shake.jpg

For those who love the Habanero chilli shake but like it a little hotter! We have just launched this great tasting, eye watering, super flavoured, super hot chilli shake...

Made in the same way as the Habanero shake except we make it with super hot chillies. The first batch was made with Naga, but we will be making more with Scorpion, Komodo Dragon or Carolina Reaper. We hope you enjoy this new shake as much as we do.

Habanero Chilli Shake

heat up your meal in two shakes